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Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015

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Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-2 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-3 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-4 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-5 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-6 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-7 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-8 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-9 Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015-10Victoria Beckham RTW Spring 2015 Via WWD &

Victoria Beckham has been feeling the creative urge to readdress her aesthetic signature now that she has a store of her own in London. Indeed, the designer approached spring a lot like a retailer, with staple items — a shirt, a sweater, a coat — that may have hinted at a few directions but were united by Beckham with polish and commercial appeal. These included the uniform-inspired jute looks, such as the elongated coat with subtle military details like soft epaulets and workwear pockets. The knits and graphic stripes made a bolder statement, though she kept the lineup’s surprise for the finale of bright florals that were screen-printed on voluminous woven raffia skirts and shown with white cotton shirts. It may have been a sharp turn from the rest, but Beckham saw a romance in these looks. As she put it, they were “the perfume to the collection.”

Everything was impeccably done—that’s Victoria. But at times it also felt derivative, and it came at the expense of what was once her core message. As her brand has grown, Beckham has branched beyond the sexy, fitted dresses with which she made her first big splash. That’s necessary and good, though not always easy. You couldn’t fault the cool precision of this collection, but it did make you long for the days when she put a little wiggle on it.

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Style Rules by Victoria Beckham

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Style Rules by Victoria BeckhamStyle Rules by Victoria Beckham Via Net-a-Porter - Photographed by Craig McDean, Vogue, April 2012
Style Rules by Victoria Beckham: As she launches the Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW14 collection, the designer shares her personal fashion mantras with The Edit from Net-a-Porter:


DON’T BE AFRAID OF WEARING FLATS: Living in London, running after the children and running around the studio would be impossible to do in heels, and I feel chicer in a flat. I used to think I’d look short but the right flats can actually lengthen you. Girls in little summer dresses with Nike trainers look so modern.

WORK WITH YOUR SHAPE: Women want to look long, lean and feminine. I pay a lot of attention to the cut, fabric and details of a dress so that even if I wouldn’t wear it myself, I would still fantasize about wearing it. Flattering the female form helps women look and feel confident, attractive and empowered.

TAKE STYLE TIPS: I read a lot of magazines, I like to go online and I like to get style tips. [Makeup artist] Val Garland gave me a great tip recently about a line called This Works. They have an all-in-one primer /moisturizer/mask that’s brilliant: you put it on when you’re traveling and it gives you a really good base for makeup.

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: It’s about sticking to what works for you and building your wardrobe to get a great piece of everything.

GET THE PERFECT DRESS: It should be appropriate for day, work in the evening and be comfortable. Women love dresses because you don’t have to think too hard about them; you get in a dress and you go.

GET A STORAGE SPACE: I’m very messy. It drives [my husband] David crazy because he’s super tidy. But I don’t have the time to make sure that all my hangers are the same! I have a mismatch of vintage, my own label, and other brands between LA, London and storage. I always order lots of pieces from every collection, then everything gets photographed, archived, and goes into storage.

GO OFF-DUTY: It’s quite nice to put on a dress and some heels, but most days I’ll usually just be in jeans and a tee, or a little blouse and some pointy Prada flats.

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