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Gigi Hadid x Topshop

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Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-1 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-2 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-3 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-4 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-5 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-6 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-7 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-9 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-10 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-11 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-12

Gigi Hadid x Topshop

Topshop Fall/Winter 2015-16
Photographer: Tyrone Lebon
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Model: Gigi Hadid

Topshop is available here.

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{news} The Brits are Here: Topshop Arrives at Nordstrom

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Today, Nordstrom stores and will start selling Topshop merchandise and this is great news for those who don’t have a store near you. Check out our picks form the collection and shop the entire collection here.

Fashion Scoop

{retail stores} Topshop to Open Inside Nordstrom’s Stores

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Topshop will open September 10 inside 14 Nordstrom locations in the U.S. Each Nordstrom will install a 2,500-square-foot Topshop for women’s and a 1,500-square-foot Topman  with flashy mannequins, fixturing and lighting, and stocked with the British brand’s edgy items.

“We think our customers are going to love their take on trend-led fashion at great prices,” said Pete Nordstrom, Nordstrom Inc.’s president of merchandising. “But this is not a price play. It’s really a trend and fashion play.”

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