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How to Tie Your Hermes Scarf

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Discover new ways to play with your scarf. Check out the knotting cards and learn the secrets of new, unique knots. play with your Hermes square and tie, untie, slide, loop… you will soon have your Hermès scarf wrapped around your little finger! Try it for yourself  and download the “Silk Knots” app from the Apple Store, it is free!

fashion 101

Marc Jacobs Tattoos

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Photo credit: Mark Seliger 

People are always asking Marc Jacobs what he’ll think when he’s 80. Will he regret the SpongeBob SquarePants on his right arm if it wrinkles or droops? Or will he feel sorry about the line drawing on his stomach of a sofa by Jean-Michel Frank, or the sketch of a laughing Elizabeth Taylor wearing 3-D glasses. 

His answer is: Who knows what he’ll think about all of this 30 years from now? But even more than that: Who cares?
Alfred and Daisy
“It all started with my bull terriers,” Jacobs says. Back then, he had only one tattoo—a heart—and he wanted the dogs underneath it. “Kind of adorable,” recalls Campbell.

Elizabeth Taylor as Martha
Elizabeth Taylor as Martha from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was an obvious choice for Jacobs given that the film is one of his favorites. But adding the 3-D glasses was a flourish that he and Campbell came up with together.

Muscle Man Marc
“Being on South Park was the high point of my life so far,” Jacobs says. Appropriately, the tattoo of Muscle Man Marc is covered in Jacobs’s actual tattoos.

This iconic scene was drawn by another artist in Campbell’s studio on Jacobs’s back. Is there any place Jacobs wouldn’t tattoo? His face. “I’d rather wear makeup.”

Red M&M
Jacobs got this red M&M as a way to tattoo his initials onto his body—without actually tattooing his initials onto his body. A small companion J graces his lower torso.

Jacobs has said that being Shameless, penned in script across his heart, is what everyone should aspire to in life. He also has the word perfect tattooed on his right wrist.

Simpsons-ized Marc
Though Jacobs never actually appeared on The Simpsons, he was Simpsons-ized for a portfolio that ran in Harper’s Bazaar—the inspiration for this tattoo.

SpongeBob SquarePants
“That’s the one everyone asks me about,” tattoo artist Scott Campbell says. “After I did it, people would say, ‘I saw Marc’s new tattoo—is he doing all right?’ ” The artist Richard Prince, who’d painted SpongeBob, inspired Jacobs to get it.

Giovanna Battaglia Cape Style

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Via Net-a-Porter The Edit

The cape was the trans-seasonal staple of the shows, thanks to street-style favorite, fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia, stepping out in myriad versions of the piece. Make a modern impact in Moschino’s graphic houndstooth design – drape over a shift dress now and a cozy turtleneck sweater come fall.

Shop the look here:

Shoe Lab

Inside Tamara Mellon’s Closet

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Via Vogue US

Tamara Mellon gives us an exclusive tour of her personal closet. “Everything has its place,” explains the entrepreneur. There are rows and rows of shoes, and lots of leopard and lace. The self-proclaimed jumpsuit obsessive, she has 31, has a beyond enviable wardrobe.

Shop the her closet:

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