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Dior RTW Spring 2015 Collection

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Dior RTW Spring 2015 Collection Dior RTW Spring 2015-9 Dior RTW Spring 2015-8 Dior RTW Spring 2015-7 Dior RTW Spring 2015-6 Dior RTW Spring 2015-5 Dior RTW Spring 2015-4 Dior RTW Spring 2015-3 Dior RTW Spring 2015-2 Dior RTW Spring 2015-1
Dior RTW Spring 2015 Collection Images & Source WWD

Backstage before his Christian Dior show on Friday, Raf Simons explained that his spring starting point was the couture collection he showed in July. He chose to adapt its elements for two reasons, because of the excess speed of fashion and because many ready-to-wear clients had expressed their desire for clothes in a vein similar to the mood of the couture.

That collection’s ruse was the establishment of a new modernity through examination of historical motifs, particularly 18th-century court attire, cross-referenced with disparate elements, from street to stratosphere.

His approach here was similar. Simons took it all down a notch, as befits the gap from couture to mere luxury. What remained: a focus on cut, inspired by the court coat and because, he said, “you see so many clothes that have so much stuff on them that I started to think more about actual construction. Also because that’s what Christian Dior did so much — an architectural approach.”


Dior Cruise 2015

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Dior-Cruise-2015-14 Dior-Cruise-2015-12 Dior-Cruise-2015-11 Dior-Cruise-2015-10 Dior-Cruise-2015-9 Dior-Cruise-2015-8 Dior-Cruise-2015-7 Dior-Cruise-2015-6 Dior-Cruise-2015-5 Dior-Cruise-2015-4 Dior-Cruise-2015-3 Dior-Cruise-2015-2 Dior-Cruise-2015-1Dior Cruise 2015 Via WWD

Dior Cruise 2015: The scarves provided a major motif, derived from Simons’ interest in the carré designed by Christian Dior and sprung from the house founder’s love of flowers.

“I wanted to deal with [the carré] in a different way,” Simons said during a preview the day before. “Not as a styling element around the neck. I wanted to see how can we use that as an element [of design], and see how I could deal with prints and flowers in a different way.” He also aimed “to touch on elements of Dior history but also link to what I feel when I am in New York.”


Dior RTW Fall 2014

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Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-11 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-10 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-9 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-8 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-7 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-6 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-5 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-4 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-3 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-2 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014-1 Dior-RTW-Fall-2014Images & Source WWD Dior RTW Fall 2014

Raf Simons has arrived at Dior. After a period of polite, for fall, Simons started to put his mark on the house in no uncertain terms. It was a necessary move that signaled Dior’s willingness to temper New Look worship with real-world pragmatism.

“When you take a position at a heritage house, you also think about your whole situation and your own position,” he said before the show. “What you stand for, what you believe in and what you express naturally and how you can add that to the world you’re representing.”



Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2014

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Simons described this show as honoring the connection between the women who make the clothes, the gifted artisans of the Dior atelier, and the women for whom they work, the clients. “I was thinking about taking the theatrical out and taking it more into reality,” Simons said. “As a designer, you have a responsibility to do both — to trigger her fantasy with the show, but give her the reality as well.”

Dior RTW Spring 2014

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In his third season at the creative helm of Dior, Raf Simons wants to temper the reverence, and start imposing his own ethos on the house more flagrantly.

“It’s that DNA that I’m very attracted to myself, like nature and some flowers, everything we know so well from the brand,” he said before the show. “It’s challenging to see how I can deal with those elements that we all think about when we think about Dior, but also twisting them around seriously.”

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