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Gigi Hadid x Topshop

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Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-1 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-2 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-3 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-4 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-5 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-6 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-7 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-9 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-10 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-11 Gigi-Hadid-By-Tyrone-Lebon-For-Topshop-Fall-Winter-15-16-12

Gigi Hadid x Topshop

Topshop Fall/Winter 2015-16
Photographer: Tyrone Lebon
Stylist: Kate Phelan
Model: Gigi Hadid

Topshop is available here.

Wish Book

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014

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Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-1 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-6 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-4 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-2 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-15 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-16 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-17 Neiman-Marcus-Christmas-book-2014-12

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2014 Images Via NM

Each year we anticipate what will be offered in the Neiman Marcus annual Christmas book. This is the 88th year for The Christmas Book. The wait is now over because the 2014 Christmas Book has arrived!

Of the 10 fantasy gifts, the lowest in price is a $25,000 custom-made silk peacock designed by Preston Bailey, who has thrown parties for the Trump family and Oprah Winfrey. On the pricier end is a $425,000 trip to the Oscars. The experience doesn’t actually include a trip to the Academy Awards, but it does include two tickets to the Vanity Fair after-party. It comes with a hotel suite in Beverly Hills, free meals, a personal stylist, loaner jewelry and a $5,000 gift card to Neimans for each of two attendees to buy clothing or shoes for the big night.

Another “experience” for sale in the Christmas Book is a five-day adventure to Mardi Gras in New Orleans for six couples. The $125,000 price tag comes with special restaurant reservations, a cottage in the French Quarter and a ride on a float in the Orpheus Parade, which ends with a black-tie ball called the “Orpheuscapade” put on in part by Harry Connick Jr.

Perhaps the flashiest fantasy gift in this year’s collection is the Maserati Ghibli S Q4, a car that goes zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds. Maserati will make just 100 of these cars, all of which come with a special Neiman Marcus logo inside. For those that are not ready to write a big check, they still offer a nice range of gifts under a $100.

All we want is this $35 faux-fur muff/ice scraper. It is a muff for holding your very cold hands. It’s really a missed opportunity for a clever tool and you will really understand why this is our biggest wish item, if you had cleaned your car in a freezing morning during the winter!

Shop our selection below:

Wish Book

Free People Intimates Catalog

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Free People Intimates Catalog Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-11 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-10 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-9 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-7 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-8 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-6 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-4 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-5 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-3 Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-2 BeFunky_Free-People-Intimates-Catalog-1.jpg
Source Free People Blog

Free People Intimates Catalog:

“It was rainy and cold as I found myself walking around Long Island City, en route to an address that was unfamiliar. I was eager to get inside since I had heard the Metropolitan building was a photographer’s playground.  I arrived at a building with a mid-century-looking door.  As I climbed up rickety stairs to the 4th floor, I stopped at each one in-between, poking my head inside to get a look. Dated architecture and vintage furniture of all types made up each floor.  I kept saying to myself…”Um, can I live here? I wonder how much rent would be!”

Camille Rowe was the first model to arrive, followed by Farah Holt and Amanda Norgaard.  Natural beauties with sweet personalities, it was fun to watch these three work together.  It was almost as if I was watching a scene from the Virgin Suicides happen in real life.  Their looks were sister-like, and the on-set chemistry was natural and soft.  From vintage slips to lacey details, all of the product in the intimates e-book shop is effortlessly beautiful. See the magic for yourself in some behind the scenes images above!” – FP Jana


Wish Book

Mango Summer 2014 Catalog

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Mango Summer 2014 Catalog Mango Summer 2014 Catalog Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-8 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-6 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-15 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-7 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-14 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-10 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-9 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-3 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-1 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-11 Mango-Summer-2014-Catalog-4
Mango Summer 2014 Catalog

Mango Summer 2014 Catalog: “Mango Goes to the Beach“ is the new campaign for Mango summer new collection, 2014. The always stunning Daria Werbowy stars in Mango‘s Summer 2014 advertisement captured by fashion photographer Josh Olins. Styling is courtesy of Alastair McKimm.

Shop the catalog here.

Wish Book

Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog

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Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog-1 Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog-2 Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog-3 Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog-4 Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog-5 Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog-6 IMG_0608 IMG_0607 IMG_0598 IMG_0605 IMG_0610 IMG_0606
Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog

Michael Kors Spring 2014 Catalog: Once again, Karmen Pedaru and Simon Nessman are connected for a romantic image lensed by Mario Testino in Cabrillo Beach, California. “When the weather starts to get warm, our thoughts and attitudes turn to something a little bit more romantic. We wanted to convey that relaxed, carefree sensibility in the campaign,” says Michael Kors.

“I got intrigued by the idea of convergence,” he said. “Forties and Seventies. Romantic but tailored. Casual but polished. All that yin and yang.” He made a significant omission in the litany — polished but plenty sexy — which added up to the chicest of palpitations.

With his dresses and jackets with manageably strong shoulders, Kors referenced the Forties most clearly. But he offered alternatives to tailoring in the form of spectacular knits, including a dreamy hand-crocheted cardigan and matching dress, and a slouchy cardigan worn over a tank and skirt — as unassuming as it was divine. And for the girl who prefers to wear her casual mien with a little sass: a white fox ring over a cotton boy shirt and shorts.

Shop the collection here & our favorites below:


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