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Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderone

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Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderone Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderone Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon-2 Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon-3 Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon-7 Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon-8 Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon-4 Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderon-6
Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderone Photography by Emily Knecht Via Eye-Swoon

Kelly Wearstler Mixing Drinks with Athena Calderone: Athena Calderone, Creator of & one of our favorite Interior Designers got together with another TFS’s favorite, the queen of design chic Kelly Wearstler to talk design and mix drinks, and this is the result:

“Kelly introduced me to her line of home and bar accessories, an extension of her overall aesthetic and brand, with a refined palette of black, white, brass, and marble, with gemstone details and a touch of playful whimsy. She has made basic, often mundane bar essentials into something entirely artful. From Kelly’s green marble-clad home bar, we created Cointreau’s refreshing classic lime rickey cocktail—and she shared the inspiration behind some of her favorite bar pieces.”

“Kelly’s design mission: to make a space clever and beautiful without sacrificing functionality. “Chic bar accessories make entertaining in style effortless.” For example, “adding a bejeweled bottle opener to the setup instantly elevates any spread.” The Liaison Collection, which includes objects adorned with bronze lips, are a favorite. “Everyone needs a kiss!” she says. Kelly and I are both inspired by artists who transform everyday objects into works of art and I’d argue she is one of those artists!”

“Kelly’s multitasking mastery ranges from hotel renovation to furniture design, jewelry and home accessories, all in a single day’s work. Talking design and style with her, and hearing about work in her office, where a cross-pollination of design disciplines are born—architecture informs jewelry design, a metal patina or vintage pendant spawns furniture hardware—I was inspired all over again. Read the entire Eye Swoon’s Q&A with Kelly Wearstler and pictures here.

decor therapy

All American Summer

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All-American-Summer-1 All-American-Summer-2 All-American-Summer-3 All-American-Summer-4 All-American-Summer-5 All-American-Summer-6 All-American-Summer-7 All-American-Summer-8All American Summer Via Neiman Marcus

All American Summer: Don’t give the palette a second thought; dive straight into a patriotic sea of red, white and blue. These hues naturally lend themselves to a nautical theme. For decor, think lobster and anchor prints, rope, napkin ties and maritime flags.

Offer refreshing options for all, simplify the beer and wine options and a list of 3 special cocktails. For a barbecue could be a trio of margaritas and for brunch, have a mimosa bar. The Chinoiserie-style bar cart with geometric designs in go-with-anything white on the sides and peeking through glass shelves makes serving favorite beverages and snacks easy and convenient.

Wowing your guests comes down to the little things. A quick checklist of festive additions like a whimsical hammock, colorful flatware, ensures that every element comes together flawlessly. For a wide range of summer decor click here.

Shop the All American Styles:

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Beautiful Steps Around The World

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street-art-on-the-steps-of-beirut-by-dihzahyners 16th-Avenue-San-Francisco 16th-Avenue-Moraga-Street-San-Francisco-By-Aileen-Barr-and-Colette-Crutcher flower-steps Tehran-Iran stair-art steps-in-Angers-France-by-Mademoiselle-Maurice Sicily-Italy-by-Andrea-Annaloro Painted-stairs-in-Valparaiso-Chile Valparaiso-Chile-by-Jean-BaptisteYunis Istanbul-Turkey Seoul-Korea-by-Kevin-LowryBeautiful Steps Around The World Via Bored Panda

Beautiful Steps Around The World:Street art is gradually coming to be accepted as a legitimate and wonderful art form by more and more people, but that doesn’t mean that street artists can rest on their laurels – they continue exploring with new ways to exploit public surfaces and cover them in beautiful art.

Much like the hidden street art of Zebrating, most of these pieces can only truly be appreciated when viewed from a certain vantage point. They may seem like random splashes of paint to someone actually climbing those steps, but someone looking at them from below will see the artist’s full vision. If they’re long enough, someone ascending the steps will see the image and see how it stretches and twists as they approach it. Of course, not all of them have to form images – some are simply colorful decorations that make the neighbourhood a more uplifting place.

Quite a few of these pieces were born out of community efforts, which also shows a growing worldwide acceptance of street art. When the Rainbow steps in Turkey were first painted over by the local government, nearby communities responded by painting their own steps as well in solidarity. The mosaic steps in San Francisco were created by more than 300 local people under the careful guidance of a couple of artists.

decor therapy

15 Fabulous Design Tips From Jonathan Adler

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Source Elle Decor/Images Jonathan Adler Fall Catalog
1. Mix and match with panache. Don’t be tentative with patterns. If you keep your color scheme restrained, you can approach patterns with wild abandon.
2. When in doubt, repeat, repeat, repeat your patterns.
3. Don’t fit in. Scale is the most under-considered piece of the decorating puzzle. Put a Gothic throne in a studio apartment.
4. Paint your floors white. You’ll feel carefree.
5. Orange is the poppiest color and the answer to most decorating conundrums. Lacquer your front door orange. Pique your neighbor’s curiosity.
6. Layer, layer, layer. Unexpected touches are the soul of the Maximilist Home: A painting hung on a bookcase, a chandelier in a closet, a brass lion’s-head door knocker in a modern apartment.
7. If you’re a clean modernist, try white grass-cloth for a little warmth.
8. Chocolate brown and baby blue are perfect together. They’re uptown, they’re downtown, they’re classic and fashion forward.
9. Replace white walls with unexpected neutrals like camel, olive, or baby blue.
10. Put regal furniture in your bathroom.
11. When in doubt, add mirrors for extra glamour, put a piece of mirror on top of a cabinet to make it sparkle or in a niche to create the illusion of depth.
12. Primary colors are happy colors – use them abundantly.
13. Let go of coordinating colors. Colors can’t clash. However, when in doubt – brown is your foundation. Brown with red is innately chic.
14. Go for grandeur with a giant chandelier.
15. Make your own – Personal style means having a space that’s comfy but filled with stuff that has meaning to you. It should hold things created and inspired by passionate people. Personal style should make you happy and happiness is chic.

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