Valentino Couture Spring 2017

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Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017 Valentino Couture Spring 2017Valentino Couture Spring 2017. Images & Source Via WWD

One could argue that this couture season saw two major debuts, the more obvious, that of Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri. In a sense, her former partner, Pierpaolo Piccioli, had his own debut, his first solo couture collection for Valentino, since he and Chiuri ascended to the role of joint creative directors after the retirement of the house founder.

“To do couture for a designer is a great opportunity,” Piccioli said during a preview, appearing not at all frazzled on the eve of his third show in three weeks. (He’s shown men’s last week in Paris, and prior to that, pre-fall, in New York.) “For me to create couture, to have the opportunity to work with the atelier, is a dream come true.”

For spring, Piccioli staged another exquisite Valentino Dream sequence. What did surprise: The challenging nature of the collection. These were not easy clothes. Exquisite, yes, but not easy in terms of proportion. Dresses fell free-form to the floor from a high neck or off the shoulders, unfettered by demarcations of waist or hips. Often, subtle trapeze cuts, pleats and vertical ruffles added sly volume to the gentle plissés and chiffons. The overall look was surrealist, otherworldly nightgown; these beauties could have costumed Heaven in a Cocteau film, had he been a minimalist. There were day looks as well, including a round-shouldered cape and a long white coat embroidered discreetly with classical symbols of love and nature, both in sturdy, austere cashmere double-face.

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  • Melanie Corning

    what beautiful flowing styles. so feminine

  • Barrie

    Wow, very unique dresses!

  • April monty

    These dresses are ultra chic I’d be proud to wear any one of them !

  • Hannah Chase

    Those are some beautiful dresses!

  • Lanie K.

    That last dress.. wow.. its very pretty and classy :D

  • Jenn Oldaker

    Some of these are pretty, a couple a bit too revealing.. lol

  • rochelle33

    Real pretty dresses

  • Bonnie Lee

    I love the 6th one down most! I wish the models smiled a little. They look kind of mad.

  • Kattzzz

    I couldn’t afford the dirt all those gowns are sweeping up off the floor.

  • Natalie

    I love how these dresses flow! My favorite is the 2nd one.

  • Dotty J Boucher

    Absolutely beautiful!! I love the soft tones they brought in this year, just lovely!

  • roselle-mendoza

    Lovely set of dress on the photos… Beautiful dress as well as the models, thank for sharing.

  • lauriedamrose

    They are all beautiful,especially the more romantic spagehetti strap dresses.

  • the truth influence

    Very beautiful but a bit to see through for me! I like the idea of free fall fabric in that length and style but they could have found a slip to put under not to mention it is for a limited audience $$$

  • Darcy Koch

    Very pretty but not appropriate for all occasions.

  • Mel Borhi

    Like the style but would layer up abit. Not that risky.

  • Carolyn Cheek- Massey

    Great designs and beautiful dresses. I wouldn’t go anywhere now to wear anything like this.

  • Linda C

    Wow those are gorgeous dresses!

  • Mia

    I like how free form these designs are.

  • Rosie

    I like the light and breezy look, it makes me wish for spring soon!

  • Alessandra Lalla

    The last dress is beautiful.

  • Marcie W.

    Love the long, flowy look of the collection. The bright white designs are my favorite!

  • LAMusing

    Very pretty feminine looks.

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Loved the ethereal nature of this collection. Light, flowing fabrics with trapeze cuts, pleats & ruffles ~ YES!

  • Leela

    I love the fourth dress. So pretty!

  • belinda bell

    They are very pretty. Love getting dressed up

  • shannon fowler

    I am in love with all of these. They look so feminine.

  • Jan

    I like the see thru look on some of the dresses. I guess that’s the spring trend this year :)

  • Nancy Burgess

    These are all so beautiful. I love them.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Gorgeous picks! :)

  • Dotty J Boucher

    I love all the outfits, simply gorgeous! so many beautiful soft tones used here.

  • April monty

    God these are so pretty I’d feel so feminine in them,fashion is so awesome

  • veronicalee

    Such lovely outfits! My fave is the one with dragonflies.

  • Annette Fisher


  • Carolyn Cheek- Massey

    Love the designs and all the dresses are beautiful. Has a good eye.

  • lisa

    Some of it’s nice. Others are down right tacky.

  • Sarh Snarski

    Not really my style, but I love that they are unique! The colors are great as well.

  • Barrie

    How amazing to go to a fashion show!

  • Danalee Davis

    I like number 3 down best. It is most modest.

  • denise low

    All of these dresses are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Casey Morrisette Brevelle

    So pretty!

  • pizzalogger

    I love how the dresses flow.

  • rochelle33

    Nice colors looking good

  • Carolyn Cheek- Massey

    Love all the dresses. Designs and the way they flow. A lot are too low in the neckline for me.

  • lisa

    I see a couple that I’d wear. Now, if only I had somewhere to wear something this dressy.

  • Jenn Oldaker

    I agree the last one is very pretty but I am not a dressy person nor do I have the body for these lol!

  • Valerie Guerrero

    not my kind of dresses they are too much to see

  • stephanie

    second last one is gorgeous

  • lisa

    These dresses probably cost as much as a used car. I’ve never seen anyone on the street dressed in anything like these.

  • Kelly O’Malley

    Very pretty dresses. I am not into the transparency, but are quite pretty. I love the cut on the 3rd dress. The V at the midline is really pretty.

  • April monty

    So gorgeous ,I love fashion shows and this one looks fantastic!

  • Alicia Hewitt

    So gorgeous!!!

  • slehan

    A lot of peek-a-boo in this show.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • Jennifer Corrado

    So sophisticated!

  • April monty

    I’d love to have been at this fashion show,these dresses are so elegant .

  • Lisa Johnston

    Beautiful designs :)

  • Gage Southard

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  • April monty

    The more I look at these dresses the more I want them

  • lisa

    Although the dresses look nice on the models. Most people wouldn’t look right in them.

  • JB Wassel

    Wow! What fantastic models in those first couple of pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  • April monty

    I’d love that white lace dress for my wedding

  • Thomas Gibson

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Nancy Burgess

    There all so beautiful lovely designs.

  • April monty

    I love all of these dresses I’d love to own them

  • desithebonde

    wow those are pretty i love to have any

  • Brandi Dawn

    I really love all of the different styles of necklines. They really didn’t leave anything out!

  • April monty

    I adore all of these ,they’re so beautiful.

  • lisa

    I would like to see a fashion show. The cost of one dress is probably out of my budget. But, it’d be fun to attend.

  • Tamra M Gibson

    Wow don’t they all look pretty. It amazes me how well the models can pull of any type of wear

  • slehan

    Do the models ever smile?

  • roselle-mendoza

    All looks so nice including the models… thanks for sharing.

  • Sherry Conrad

    I don’t need to dress up any more, but if I did I could see wearing a couple of these.

  • Amy Orvin

    I always enjoy looking at the Valentino Couture spring line. I have a fascination with some of the outfits Claudia Schiffer wore back in the 90′s.

  • rosannepm

    Sorry but I hate these dresses. They are see through. I could not imagine my granddaughters wearing these and I am usually pretty trendy and fashionable. Rosanne

  • Pamela

    Beautiful dresses. Love the look and fit.

  • April monty

    Everytime I see these I want them more lol

  • karaleigh2

    Most of these dresses are soooo gorgeous!

  • Katie d U

    The lace gowns are so gorgeous and so femine

  • slehan

    Very minimal makeup on the models. Some look washed out.

  • lisa

    I would be more interested in clothing that real people wear. These are nice, but when I’m out and about, don’t dress this way and have never seen anyone else dressed like this.

  • April monty

    These are so chic and trendy ,the fabrics and the styles are to die for .

  • tiffany dayton

    They are ok. not something I would want my daughter to wear.

  • Brandi Keller

    I love the pleats and semi sheer look. Very feminine and beautiful.

  • Ronald Gagnon

    Beautiful clothes…beautiful girl….but she should smile at least once.

  • Tamra M Gibson

    I could get lost in the accessory shop alone and I love those Fendi gold charms.

  • Heather Amos

    Very beautiful clothing! Love the looks.

  • Laurie Murley

    wow their is so beautiful clothes

  • Dotty J Boucher

    I love all the gowns here, so glamorous! I wish I could wear something like that..

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I like the designs really nice, they are so chic. I thank you so much for featuring them tonight.

  • lisalo

    I’d wear all of them. I think they are great. But probably they dont come in my size, lol

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