Squeaky Clean Piggy Soaps

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Squeaky Clean Piggy SoapsSqueaky Clean Piggy Soaps

Squeaky Clean Piggy Soaps: Get squeaky clean with this set of six Piggy Soaps. The hand-crafted soaps are fragrance free, hypoallergenic and made with all-natural ingredients such as organic oats, raw cacao and pure olive, almond and coconut oils. The secret to Piggy Soap’s nourishing properties is Fulphyl, a signature fulvic acid formula from Phylia de M. which renews and restores cells, eliminates toxins and detoxifies pollutants. This set features six different Piggy Soaps, each with their own personality, nestled in a signature box with drawings inspired by the creator’s childhood imagination. Get your Piggy Soaps here.

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  • lisa

    Well, it’s different. I think kids may enjoy the soaps. I wouldn’t give pig soap as a gift.

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