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Sleek Golden Chokers

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Sleek Golden Chokers
Sleek Golden Chokers Via Vogue FR

Sleek Golden Chokers: Antique treasures have sailed to the top of our Summer wish lists this year. Dream of sleek golden chokers glinting in the sunshine, as we pick our favorite pieces to highlight the glow of Summer vacation skin.

Fashion 101: The choker became popular in the late 19th century, and its popularity has continued through the 20th. The most common early form of choker had one or more rows of pearls, which sometimes covered the neck from the base to the chin. Another popular choker was a band of velvet with a cameo pinned to its centre. Queen Alexandra, consort to Edward VII of Great Britain, in the late 19th century introduced a wide pearl and diamond choker that was soon dubbed the “dog collar.”

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