Style Rules by Victoria Beckham

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Style Rules by Victoria BeckhamStyle Rules by Victoria Beckham Via Net-a-Porter - Photographed by Craig McDean, Vogue, April 2012
Style Rules by Victoria Beckham: As she launches the Victoria, Victoria Beckham FW14 collection, the designer shares her personal fashion mantras with The Edit from Net-a-Porter:


DON’T BE AFRAID OF WEARING FLATS: Living in London, running after the children and running around the studio would be impossible to do in heels, and I feel chicer in a flat. I used to think I’d look short but the right flats can actually lengthen you. Girls in little summer dresses with Nike trainers look so modern.

WORK WITH YOUR SHAPE: Women want to look long, lean and feminine. I pay a lot of attention to the cut, fabric and details of a dress so that even if I wouldn’t wear it myself, I would still fantasize about wearing it. Flattering the female form helps women look and feel confident, attractive and empowered.

TAKE STYLE TIPS: I read a lot of magazines, I like to go online and I like to get style tips. [Makeup artist] Val Garland gave me a great tip recently about a line called This Works. They have an all-in-one primer /moisturizer/mask that’s brilliant: you put it on when you’re traveling and it gives you a really good base for makeup.

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: It’s about sticking to what works for you and building your wardrobe to get a great piece of everything.

GET THE PERFECT DRESS: It should be appropriate for day, work in the evening and be comfortable. Women love dresses because you don’t have to think too hard about them; you get in a dress and you go.

GET A STORAGE SPACE: I’m very messy. It drives [my husband] David crazy because he’s super tidy. But I don’t have the time to make sure that all my hangers are the same! I have a mismatch of vintage, my own label, and other brands between LA, London and storage. I always order lots of pieces from every collection, then everything gets photographed, archived, and goes into storage.

GO OFF-DUTY: It’s quite nice to put on a dress and some heels, but most days I’ll usually just be in jeans and a tee, or a little blouse and some pointy Prada flats.

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