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Isabeli Fontana Porter Summer 2014

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Isabeli Fontana Porter Summer 2014 Isabeli Fontana Porter Summer 2014 Isabeli-Fontana-Porter-Summer-2014-3 Isabeli-Fontana-Porter-Summer-2014-4 Isabeli-Fontana-Porter-Summer-2014-5 Isabeli-Fontana-Porter-Summer-2014-6 Isabeli-Fontana-Porter-Summer-2014-7 Isabeli-Fontana-Porter-Summer-2014-8Isabeli Fontana Porter Summer 2014 Via Next Management

Isabeli Fontana Porter Summer 2014: Au is the chemical symbol for 79th element on the periodic table, which derives from the Latin aurum and is better known simply as gold. Isabeli Fontana adds no small amount of adventure to the precious metal in the Summer 2014 issue of Porter in a story titled “The Adventurer” by photographer

Yelena Yemchuk
. Against Isabeli’s radiant skin jewels and gold charms, bracelets and cuffs, rings and earrings are made to look all the more brilliant. Gold might be one of the least reactive elements, but when it’s worn by

Isabeli Fontana
it truly sparks.

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Credits: Publication, Porter Summer 2014; Title, “The Adventurer”; Photography, Yelena Yemchuk; Styling, Maya Zepinic; Hair, Samantha Hillerby at Streeters; Makeup, Petros Petrohilos at Streeters; Manicure, Chisato Yamamoto at Terri Manduca; Prop styling, Cordelia Weston at Soho Management; Location, The Roost, East London on 29 January 2014.

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