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Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glasses

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EN_Image1Image Via Net-a-Porter & Source Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glasses

Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glasses: Google Glass designed by Diane von Furstenberg went on sale today for $1,800 each. The DVF Google Glass is selling a limited quantity of the glasses on and Google in five different colors: black, teal, plum, brown and white. Each pair of frames comes bundled with removable shades to match as well as a mono earbud and case. Net-a-porter’s men’s site,, also put three models of Google Glass—comprising the Titanium Collection, which launched in January—for sale Monday, each priced at $1,650.

In a video created for the release of DVF | Made for Glass, von Furstenberg and Google Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson talk about how they collaborated to make something “really for women.”

Activated with your voice and a tap of a touchpad, Google Glass opens the possibility of what’s in front of you without the distraction of looking down at a device. Using Wifi and Bluetooth, it allows you to pull up a map, take a picture or make a video using the high-res display.

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