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Tom Ford Men Grooming Collection

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tom-ford-men-grooming-collectionTom Ford Men Grooming Collection Via Neiman Marcus Left to right: Purifying Face Cleanser, Skin Revitalizing Concentrate serum, Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer, Intensive Purifying Mud Mask, Bronzing Gel.

Tom Ford Men Grooming Collection: When Tom Ford presents a new collection, the fashion world swoons. When he launched a women’s cosmetics line in 2011, the beauty world behaved likewise. Now comes something special for the guys: a much- anticipated grooming collection, Tom Ford for Men, launching this month at Neiman Marcus stores.

“There is an etiquette to grooming that creates an air of respect and consideration that others can sense and that makes them feel good,” Ford explains. “It’s important because your face is the first thing that people see.” Ford keeps things simple for the guys. “I’m very much about don’t waste time, don’t waste energy, and this collection is step one, cleanse and moisturize; step two, cover up imperfections; and step three, add a bit of color,” says Ford.

The easy-to-implement daily drill consists of just four products, each loaded with plant extracts, botanicals, and antioxidants designed to calm and comfort the skin and render a matte complexion. Two intensive treatments are to be used as needed—a purifying mud mask and a skin-revitalizing concentrate that hydrates and combats damage brought on by daily skin- stressors like lack of sleep, harsh temps, or maybe too many vodka tonics.

At the core, the new series is about creating and maintaining good skin, but Ford also recognizes that men suffer the same skin troubles that plague women—broken capillaries, puffy eyes, blemishes. Knowing he wasn’t alone in occasionally dipping into his women’s cosmetics cache for dabs of cover-up, the development of Concealer for Men was intuitive. The twist-up camouflage stick comes in three shades that blend easily into the skin, leaving no detectable trace. The handsome medicine-cabinet remodel also includes a water-based, oil-free bronzing gel, which mimics a few minutes in the sun. Indeed, men need a little color, too.

Asked why grooming is so important, Ford responds, “If I am lying in the bathtub with a clay mask on, or at the mirror applying under-eye cream, I feel as though I’m polishing myself. It does make me feel refreshed and younger, the same way putting on a brand-new pair of shoes or a beautiful new suit does.”

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