Marc Jacobs Men Grooming Tools

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Marc Jacobs Men Grooming Tools
Marc Jacobs Men Grooming Tools

Marc Jacobs Men Grooming Tools:  When Marc Jacobs designed his make-up line for women, he tested each product on himself. Therefore, you can have total faith in the three products he took to his men’s grooming collection: an anti-fatigue concealer with an anti-aging formula for brighter eyes, an eyebrow gel to discipline rebellious strands, and a transparent balm to cure chapped lips. Each product is used by Marc himself, for a  “Boy Tested. Girl Approved.”collection.

Men’s brows can get stubborn, but with this wondrous grooming gel that was made-to-order for Marc himself, who considers brow shaping to be an essential step in his morning ritual, it will be a breeze to keep them in place. Their innovative, soft-holding formula and slender, caterpillar brush work together to define and lift your brows for a look that is polished but never stiff. Frame your face and fake perfect symmetry.

Remedy Concealer Pen, Brow Tamer Grooming Gel , Lip Lock Lip Balm, exclusively at Sephora.

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