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Valentino Gryphon Zodiac Tote Bag

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Valentino Gryphon Zodiac Tote Bag
Valentino Gryphon Zodiac Tote Bag

Valentino Gryphon Zodiac Tote Bag: Guardians of treasure, gryphons appear on bright golden studs, adding mythical appeal to this Valentino tote’s modern functionality.

A gryphon or griffin is a mythical creature that has the head and legs of an eagle, but the body and tail of a lion. It also has its own wings. It’s a fictional character in popular fantasy books their supposed to act as guardians of treasures, which is where the inspiration for this bag comes from.

The Valentino bag looks like a treasure chest with its earthy tone and all the bright golden studs tacked on it. With the image of the gryphon on the bag’s surface properly embossed, next to different signs of the Zodiac, this piece does play out a beautiful ode to the mythicism. Shop the bag here.

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