Spring Trends 2014

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Images & Source Via Gotham Magazine Spring Trends 2014

Spring Trends 2014 inspired by New York Fashion Week inspired us to start planning our outfits for next spring. Here are the 11 most wearable fashion trends to try.

1. Starter-Style Jackets
Starter jackets continue the trend of athletic wear, with looks boasting sheen, pastel hues, and contrast stripes.
2. Black-and-White
The only color trend bigger than all-white was black-and-white, with contrasting looks and prints seen everywhere from New York to Milan.
3. Orange
Orange is the new black, right? From bright to rust to tangerine, we love a good orange, especially when paired with gold accessories. It’s the ideal bright color for the urban jungle.
4. Cut-Outs
If you’re not ready for the crop top, cut-outs are also going to be big this season. Note the all-white trend, which is THE color for spring 2014.
5. Fringe
Blame Gatsby, but fringe looks are here to stay. For spring, they’re layered for maximum movement, or used as an accent on hemlines, waistlines, and collars.
6. Maxi Skirts
Who doesn’t love a maxi dress? Certainly not those who also love maxi skirts. They’re whimsical, breathable, and, often for spring, they have pockets.
7. Graphic Prints
The art world seeps into the fashion world with this season’s bold graphic prints. We love the statement this makes when paired with simple, monochrome accessories.
8. Short Shorts
The vote’s still out on whether short suits are office appropriate, but they’re certainly cute for a semi-casual weekend brunch or night on the town.
9. Neck Scarves
Make like a Pan Am stewardess and tie one on. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the neck scarf hit the streets, but if any designer can lead the trend, it’s Marc Jacobs.
10. Crop Tops
Start doing those crunches, ladies. Crop tops were on just about every spring 2014 runway. Thankfully, they were mostly paired with high-waisted bottoms—a look that’s kinder to the less tone.
11. Perforation
Far from the holey, grunge looks of the ’90s, this spring’s perforated styles take cues from breathable athletic wear for a sexy, sporty effect.

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