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Pomellato Icon Movies

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Pomellato Icon Movies Courtesy Pomellato


Pomellato Icon Movies: Three Pomellato icons – Nudo, Capri and Sabbia – entrusted to the interpretation of young talents, with total freedom and absolute respect for the different personalities chosen. Up and coming talents who have already made their mark, have created these short stories about the three icons using very different styles.

Francesco Carrozzini’s film tells a story immersed in shadows and light. An intriguing multi-faceted parable of our continual transformation, a modern take on Orlando by Virginia Woolf. The story is inspired by the essentiality of Nudo, a real symbol of change for the screenwriter.

Filippo Silvestris and Pierluigi Ferrandini turn Villa Lysis Fersen and the Island of Capri into a natural stage for a return to happy times. Memories, nostalgia, the colour of the sea and of the Mediterranean sky come to rest in the Capri ring and the recollection of a childhood love that has never been forgotten.

A single grain of sand holds our history, small and great, and that of the entire universe. Alex Tacchi creates a fantastic journey that culminates on the sparkling surface of the Sabbia ring. As you would expect from a true techno visionary, the director tells of worlds and times, distant and very near, and he does it with refined, dreamlike effects.

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