Chanel Supermarket

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Images & Source Via Enca & Via here PopSugar Chanel Supermarket

Chanel Supermarket: Ever wonder where would you go grocery shopping if you were a super billionaire in a Chanel World? You would go to Karl Lagerfeld’s luxury Chanel supermarket, of course. Tuesday the fashion showman put on a “Chanel Shopping Center” show that featured an audacious supermarket reconstruction and saw the celebrities applaud vigorously from the front row.

They clearly didn’t seem to mind sitting near the canned goods food section. However, events took a nose dive after the show when the rowdy fashion crowd looted the set. An entire supermarket had been reconstructed across several hundred square metres of Paris’ Grand Palais. Guests stared in disbelief at shelves bursting with consumable products especially made for this show: bottles of “Tweed cola,” wine branded “Maison Gabrielle,” and even grilled bread stamped “CC.”

This was clearly a fall-winter show like no other. Chanel trolleys at the side led on to a tall pile of coconuts next to writing “1 for the price of 2,” a fresh fruits and veg section, and large signs advertising Chanel’s latest special offers. Instead of discounts they read “50 percent markup.”

“Luxury should be worn like you’re going to the supermarket. It’s the pop art of the 21st century,” said the Karl. Though the set was a universal hit, perhaps Monsieur Lagerfeld later had one regret: telling revellers they could help themselves to the produce. It triggered a stealing-frenzy, with security guards having to swoop in as revellers stripped the shelves. At the exit, fashionistas’ bags were actually searched to remove stolen goods. One fashion editor succeeded in making off with a Chanel doormat.

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