Chanel RTW Fall 2014

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Images & Source WWD Chanel RTW Fall 2014

Chanel RTW Fall 2014. Karl Lagerfeld’s fall ruse: Chanel Shopping Center, a giant supermarket. Advance word didn’t dampen the first-sight impact of the 139,930-square-foot labyrinth, by Lagerfeld’s preshow account, it would take each model 4.5 minutes to walk, a veritable Costco for the tony set, stocked with everything from soup to nuts to Jambon Cambon and a chain saw, each bearing a label that riffed on house lore. Tea offerings included The Little Black Tea and Jasmin Dragon Pearls; paint colors were numbered and named strategically: 1903 Bleu Confection, 1914 Gris Jersey, 1954 Jaune Etienne.

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