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The Iconic Louis Vuitton Noé Bag

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Images & Source Via Vogue Spain

There are love stories that are taking shape through space and time, but certainly the best are those that arise from a spark of atoms.

Noé was born in 1932, when a French champagne producer asked Gaston-Louis Vuitton if it would be possible to create an original and functional bag for transporting bottles in it. Originally made ​​of leather, the bag Noé had capacity to carry five bottles of champagne: four face up and a fifth in the center face down. Later, when manufactured in flexible canvas Monogram, Noé quickly became a fashion icon in the world. Its name comes from the biblical episode in which Noah, having planted some vines on Mount Arafat after the flooding, succumbed to the temptation of wine.

 Currently, Noé has the same dimensions as those of 1932 but its handle, a little longer now, becomes a shoulder bag . Thus was born the great classic and indispensable Louis Vuitton Noé Bag.

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