{trends} How to Wear All White

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Source Via here by Christine Felton

Find the right white
When we talk about the white trend, all shades of white are included from optical white, oyster, bone white, stone, cream and off-white. You need to find one that flatters your skin tone without washing you out.

Wear white pieces with silver accessories
Silver shoes, in particular, look great with the all-white trend. You can also be more creative when bringing silver into your outfit – for example, you could pair a crisp white shirt with pale silver disco pants.

Add transparent accessories
Clear clutch bags, transparent cuffs and heels with a transparent heel or ‘invisible’ side panels look fantastically futuristic when worn with head-to-toe white. You might also want to add a splash of color to stop the look appearing too clinical.

Keep your look as simple as possible
The key to looking effortlessly cool in all-white is minimalism, so stick to well-cut pieces, clean lines and subtle accessories. A good rule of thumb is to limit any glitzy accessories or overly fussy details to one (two at most) per outfit.

Pair white with beige
Light beige colours go great with white, especially in the form of a neutral coloured platform heel or a tan blouse.

Work your look from top to bottom
To get this trend spot-on, you need to commit. This means wearing white or neutral colours from top to toe, making sure that any accessories you choose enhance the all-white look rather than distracting from it.

Play with textures
Whilst it is important to embrace simplicity and minimalism when wearing all-white, you can still keep your look interesting by playing with textures. Lace, leather, knitwear, sheer and opaque fabrics can all be mixed and matched to create an interesting and unique look.

Some white pieces we are loving:

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