Tying the Knot

{tying the knot in style} A Louboutin Marriage Proposal

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When it comes to asking a girl to marry you, Joey Fago, a guy from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, had the best idea for any woman addicted to shoes: he proposed to his girlfriend with a pair of Louboutin shoes signed by Louboutin himself.  Here’s the story told by Joey.

“I proposed on Christmas eve, I knew that I had to do something amazing because Jamie deserves it and I’m a bit of a jokester anyway so I wanted it to be like nothing other.

Jamie loves shoes and has always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutins, I came up with the idea that I would somehow get Christian Louboutin to sign a pair of his shoes with (will you marry me). I have a friend Beth who owns her own PR and event planing business and this is how I put it all together. When asking for Beth;s help in getting him to sign these shoes she informed me that he was going to be at our local mall doing a meet and greet and she would try to get in contact with his PR people, there was a lot of going back and forth but everything worked out according to plan and he was honored to do this for me, this was the first time that he has ever done this for anyone and he did far more then I could have ever imagined, on the bottom of one show he wrote (forever yours love Joey) with a half drawn heart and on the other (will you marry me?) and the other half of the heart so when the shows are together the two halves make a whole.

The next step was where I got creative, every year on Christmas eve my mom has Santa come to the house on a fire-truck giving presents to all the little kids, I told Santa that once he was done giving the kids all there gifts that he has to yell I forgot on last present this would get the attention of the 50 + family and friends that were with us, then Santa said this one is for Jamie and she was very shocked but walked up to Santa to get her gift and he said sit and open it. I had wrapped the shoes separately in one box so as she opened the gift there it was her one shoe reading forever yours love Joey and she jumped up with excitement saying my shoes my shoes I love you baby, my mom had said what only one show and she started to look for the next one and when she picked it up and flipped it over to read it I got down on one knee and she dropped to shoes and fell in Santa’s lap as I asked her to marry me. She was so surprised that she could not stop crying and saying yes!” 

Isn’t this the best marriage proposal ever? Not sure another man can get a better idea. This guy set the bar pretty high!
{Source howshesaidyes.com Image Via shorelife.com}
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