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{style} Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday: Celebrate his Designs

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Over the past century, Klimt has gained worldwide recognition even beyond the art world from his famous golden paintings like “The Kiss.” His work shocked early-1900s Vienna and alternated between opulence and tormented figures. But the 400 postcards and messages that Klimt sent his lifelong friend Emilie Floege, on display at the Leopold Museum, also show a whimsical, laid-back personality. “I wanted to send you a funny card but first I have to get over the… enormous stupidity of mankind. Affectionately, Gustav,” he wrote in one note.

He and his lifelong friend Emilie Floge, to whom he was involved in a platonic relationship, were involved in fashion design. Interestingly, his paintings pay close attention to the sensual shape and beautiful patterns of the dresses worn by the models. 

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