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{fashionistas} Jane By Design is Back!

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ABC Family’s Jane By Design is back! 

Last season ended with, Jane Quimby’s job at Donovan Decker intact, but her personal life was in shambles. Stuck between two guys, Jane was left to make the decision between the hot British designer (AKA the spy) Jeremy Jones, and her best friend, Billy Nutter. 

So who will she choose?   

Deep down inside, you kinda knew Jane and Billy wouldn’t get together on the mid-season premiere of “Jane By Design,” right? As much as they belong together, such an epic moment can’t be wasted in a premiere. That’s a finale moment so it wasn’t too surprising that the “it’s you” moment from the mid-season finale was glossed over in a brief conversation at the end of the first episode back. Don’t worrying just yet, though, because it was clear from the looks on both of their faces that they’re totally in love. There’s still half a season to go. It’ll happen eventually, for sure.

The best part of the episode: Gray’s adorable nephew, Eli, who’ll be sticking around Donovan Decker now that he’s got India’s old job. Could he be a new love interest for Jane? We hope so. As Jane says when complaining to Jeremy: “He’s perfect! He’s charming and talented and good-looking.”  Oh, and lastly, India mucks things up for the Donovan’s team once again now that she’s the Harrod’s buyer they have to impress. Good thing we love to hate her.
As if leading a double life wasn’t enough for young Jane, it looks like her absent mother will be thrown into the mix in the second half of the season. Who will play Jane’s mom? Someone with a bit of “housewife” experience who is looking for a new acting gig — Desperate Housewives’ Teri Hatcher! We’re guessing mommy dearest will make an appearance in the June 19 episode “The Surprise.” 

Don’t forget to watch Jane By Design on ABC Family, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

What did you think of the “Jane By Design” mid-season premiere?

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