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{editorial} How Sex & the City Would Be Different If It Were On TV Today

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It’s been exactly fourteen years since Sex and the City premiered on HBO. Glamour decided to give us an idea about what would the fab four be doing with themselves if the show were still on. These are some of our favorites:

- Samantha would run a social media marketing company.
- Instead of a Gucci fannypack, Carrie would be carrying a Celine bag.
- She’d also write for instead of Vogue.
- And she’d have at least 60,000 followers on Twitter.
- Carrie would refuse to give up her BlackBerry while all her friends make fun of her for not having an iPhone.
- Carrie would eBay her stuff instead of giving it away.
- Charlotte would have met Harry on JDate.
- Instead of writing a weekly column for the New York Star, Carrie would be a blogger.

We love this and still love the show! It’s SO spot-on! Go to Glamour to read the complete list.

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