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{tying the knot in style} How to Pick Your Wedding Photographer

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By: Andrinique of Andrinique Special Events

It’s that time. You’ve selected your color scheme, picked out the invitations, reserved the venue and date; maybe you’ve even found your dress.  Now is the moment that you hope will be a breeze but secretly are inwardly hoping won’t be the source of a pre-wedding nervous breakdown: choosing your wedding photographer.

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a bit daunting, but there’s certainly no reason for it to be the source of any pre-mature hair loss, or other similarly anxiety-driven catastrophes.  Picking your perfect photographer, like planning your wedding, simply requires that you take a moment and really plan out a vision for how you want to document your big day.   

As with any major element of your wedding, the first thing you want to think about is what is the aesthetic you’re going for?  Knowing the overall motif for your wedding may help you to have an easier time deciding what direction to take the photography portion.  This can range from wanting to capture a hint of romance in every image to wanting to see the more playful, funny elements.  Depending on what aesthetic you are looking for, you may want more black and white photographs than color.  If you’re aesthetic calls for more candid, “Kodak moment” shots, take a look at some of Del Sol Photography’s  images. For you fashion forward readers out there, try a photographer like Joseph Llanes, whose images exude that mod fashion feel, with heavy color contrasts and sharp direct viewpoints. Perhaps you’re looking for your wedding photos to have a bit of an artistic edge, a cohesive blend of artsy uniqueness and raw emotion, in which case I might suggest VisioPhotography.

I would recommend that you establish this first, since you probably want to make sure you coordinate the photographic style with the overall theme of your wedding.  It will also help you to know what to look for in a given photographer’s images when you finally begin your search. 

Next, will you be doing engagement photos as well as wedding photos?  If so, will you want the same kind of photograph for each set of images? Take a look at some of JasmineStar’s engagement photos to get an idea of some other photography styles you might want to use.  In some cases this may require that you consider using two distinct photographers, since every photographer has their own personal style.  I find that it’s great if the engagement photos are a bit more personal, and elicit a bit more romance than the actual wedding photos.  Take a look at some of Elizabeth Medina’s photographs from her Trash the Dress collection to see what I mean. 

While, yes, these are wedding photographs, they capture that romantic intimacy between bride and groom that I believe is a bit harder to capture on your Big Day when surrounded by all of your friends and family (because, while we all know the day is about you, let’s not pretend that there isn’t a certain amount of obligatory mingling and entertainment that inevitably goes on – particularly during the reception).

Don’t forget to specify who (or what) you want the subject of your photos to be.  Any bride would hate to go through her wedding photos after returning from an amazing honeymoon somewhere in the south of France, only to discover that her photographer dropped the ball and forgot to catch a photo of Aunt Lucy because they were so focused on capturing you and your new husband canoodling through the flower arrangement. So don’t forget to ask yourself: do you want photographs only of you and your beloved, or a mélange of family, friends, and decorations?  If you’re stumped, maybe you’re asking yourself the wrong question. Try thinking instead, what memories do I want to capture, what emotions? There really is no wrong answer here.

In the end, finding the right photographer is about knowing what you want and finding the person that best understands whatever that may be.  Like they always, and I mean always, say, a photograph is worth a thousand words—which is good, since you’ll probably be too emotionally charged to formulate words enough to cover everything you’re feeling on your wedding day. But that’s as it should be, don’t you think?

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