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{the blogger’s box} How to Dress with Purpose

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By: Marlene Montanez

When I’m style gawking celebrity photos, one of my favorites to look at is airport fashion. Most blogs point out how stylish, put together and effortlessly chic they seem to look. It’s approachable, but it’s still fashionable. Yet when I go to the airport, it’s not what I see at all. Maybe it’s because we don’t have paparazzi stalking us and the only thing we have to worry about is having a horrible Facebook photo tagged, but shouldn’t we be more prideful and less lazy about how we dress when we travel? Or anywhere for that matter. Yes, I think so.

Even though I blog about and am always thinking about style and fashion, I’m totally guilty of often missing the mark on dressing with purpose. Whether it’s because I’ve fallen into a style rut because it’s 115 out or I feel I’m not going anywhere “fancy” enough, I’m full of excuses to not look, dress and feel great everyday. And I’m thinking this means I’m probably not the only one hoarding my “best” outfits for special days and this is just downright silly.

Forget all the excuses, let’s seize the day and dress with purpose. Today. Bust out your best outfits and let’s go. Here’s 3 ways to get you there.

1. Stop waiting for the moment. Create it

I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a socialite. Though I do get invited to “cool” events sometimes, it probably won’t be until my New York Times bestseller gets sold and then made into a movie that I’ll be walking a red carpet with A-listers. Which is somewhat unfortunate because A. this hasn’t happened yet and B. as a lover of fashion, I’m OF COURSE lusting after the ball gowns, the couture, the drama of it all. 

For my truly special outfits I always think, “let’s wait for a special occasion” or “no one else will be as dressed up”. Sometimes, it’s even sillier than that: “No one will be there who truly can appreciate what it means to be wearing this.” Seriously? Who cares! Who are you dressing for anyway?

Most women who are into fashion dress for themselves (and other women to ogle at them of course). Stop waiting and create a moment that’s “special” enough to wear something fabulous now because really, what are you waiting for?

Celebrate an ultra glamorous anniversary. Find a local charity event gala to attend. Maybe Tuesday is just plain old Tuesday but I bet if Tuesday was the day you picked to wear your very-favorite new dress around town, it wouldn’t feel like an ordinary Tuesday anymore. And really, why should we let everyday be plain and ordinary? It’s in our hands to spice things up and in our wardrobes too.

2. Always style

Even when you’re just not in the mood to think about an outfit, it’s easy to add just a bit of style to something seemingly ordinary.  A chunky necklace, interesting bag, bold shoes or even something as simple as a belt can elevate your outfit to the next level and make you appear more put together. In other words, you’re now dressed with purpose. And with little effort. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

3. Be who you want people to see you as

I envy women who I see doing something mundane like running errands yet are dressed totally fabulous. I think wow, she’s so chic. So stylish. I could be her, but I’m being lazy today. But am I really her? That’s clearly not what I’m projecting to the world if I’m doing my errands makeup-free in raggedy jeans and a tee. Even if it isn’t always the case.

I love clothes just as much. I may even have cuter outfits. But I’m full of excuses and sometimes laziness kicks in and let’s face it, jeans and a tank top is just easy.
Dress the way you want people to see you, at all times. Sometimes when people ask what I do, I almost don’t want to mutter it if I’m in an awful outfit. And that shouldn’t be the case. I should heed my own advice as even as I type this, my outfit is just “meh” today. So why do I even own it? What am I waiting for? Stop waiting for tomorrow to be who you want or dress how you like, make it happen today.

What do you think? Do you always dress with purpose?

About the Author:Marlene Montanez is a style and beauty editor of Her writings had appeared in publications like Arizona Bride, Everyday with Rachel Ray, The Fashion Spot, SheKnows, etc.

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