Tying the Knot

{tying the knot in style} 10 Things to do After Getting Engaged

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By: Andrinique of Andrinique Special Events

1. Enjoy being engaged. Kiss each other and be thankful for one another. You are about to start an amazing adventure together.

2. Tell your family. You. of course, want to share this wonderful news with your family and friends. The shared love will make this big step fun and exciting for everyone.

3. Purchase a wedding journal. You will have so many ideas  flooding through your mind. Not to mention, of course, all the ideas and suggestions you will get from family and friends. You will need a place to keep all of this information stored and your head is not the place.
4. Make a GRAND engagement announcement. Why? Because it’s fun. Check your local newspapers, most have engagement announcements sections.  You can share your love story and add an adorable photo of you and your groom-to-be.
5. Set the date. It is very important to BE REALISTIC, planning a wedding right takes a lot of time.
6. Decide on your STYLE. The ceremony and reception style should be a reflection of you and your fiancé, and no dream can not become a reality!
7. Set your Budget. SERIOUSLY… do not think “oh we don’t need a budget” you will spend more than you would ever imagine if you don’t have set guidelines. TRUST ME! I’ve seen this concept blow up the worst way.
8. Bridal Party or not. This is where things tend to get UGLY… do you really need a dozen people to walk down YOUR aisle? Think about it. Remember the “BIGGIE” rap song, “more money, more problems?” Same thing, more people, means more opinions which equals more trouble.
 9. Hire a WEDDING PLANNER. Yup! For real.. Just goggle “I should have hired a wedding planner” and scroll through the stories that come up.. It will be money well spent and you will not only have memories of your wedding day, you will have great memories.
10. HAVE FUN! that’s it.


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