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{news} Rollasole: Shoe Vending Machine

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Rollasole recently launched our first vending machine in the United States in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas Nevada. The machine are located: one at the Venetian, one at Tao and one inside the Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to cure ladies of their stiletto sore feet and get them back out on the dance floor!
The company was founded by Ashley Ross, 25 and Lindsay Klimitz 26, the two girls that met in the Vegas while being desperateo find a solution to the “my feet are killing me but the street is way too dirty to go barefoot” dilemma that many stiletto-wearing club-goers are faced with. Instead of building a new emergency footwear machine from the ground up, they bought the rights to manufacture and distribute the UK-founded Rollasole flats in the US. Rollasoles are $19.95 and are dispensed in a plastic can! You can also buy them online at
Why we didn’t think about this before my fellow designer friends?
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