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How to Buy Clothes for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

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Be careful. This should really go without saying, however unless you have a very high level of disposable income and both you and your partner have a sense of humour, then it probably isn’t a good idea to go looking for some sort of novelty wear as a Valentine’s gift. Perhaps on the other hand some sort of romantic evening has been booked for you both to enjoy, and your man currently doesn’t have anything which he’ll look super sexy in for the most romantic evening of the year. In this case you’ll definitely want to grab him something which looks stunning at a great price.
Shopping! The great thing about buying for men around Valentine’s Day is that nothing really changes in terms of the fashion on offer. Of course there will be novelty pants, socks with love hearts on and perhaps some novelty evening wear, but in general the more mainstream aspects of men’s fashion which you’ll be looking for aren’t going to contain any big areas to be definitely avoided.
Let’s say you are having that evening out, what are you going to buy so you’re man is dressed properly for the occasion. Clearly a lot of this decision will be dependent on the venue and other factors, however let’s go for a classic relaxed and causal look.
Why not invest in a great new pair of relaxed fit jeans for your man. Summer styles are in stores now and new denim is a great way to set your man up to carry great style throughout 2012. Rather than worry about a t-shirt, we’re going to let him take care of his own base layer. You can render any choice he makes irrelevant anyway with a beautiful, fitted deep blue hooded sweater with a printed or stitched design detail and motif.
The key to shopping for your man on Valentine’s Day is to treat it like any other day. Chances are he won’t appreciate some fluffy pink novelty boxer shorts, so save yourself the money and kit him out to look irresistible instead.
Rounding off the look. Ensure when you’re buying his new threads you’ve considered what he’s already got. You don’t want to stretch to too much of a cost for Valentine’s Day when you’ve got his whole wardrobe revamp already fully planned in throughout the rest of the year. Try an outfit builder if you’re unsure of where to start, you can pick up fabulous ideas for quick outfits and individual garments to add a dash of panache to your man’s appearance!

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