{collections} Rachel Zoe Unveils Two New Lines: Jewelry & Cold Weather Gear

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“I have this obsession with what women wear in Russia,” said Rachel Zoe, as she fluffed an ivory fur hood atop a mile-high model wrapped head to toe in Zoe’s fall collection. “The funny thing is that I don’t know because I’ve never been there. But it’s what I dream about.”

All Art Deco-inspired, the collection is done in gold-plated brass, with Swarovski crystals, reconstituted jade and onyx. There’s a tassel group that includes cuffs, earrings and a long necklace that can be tied a multitude of ways. Another series, which she’s calling “Love Me Knots,” features intertwining knots on hoop earrings, a cuff and necklace. Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman have already secured the exclusive on the launch of the jewelry, which is priced between $195 and $695, opting to sell the line in all of its doors and online, WWD reports.

The cold weather gear is not yet open to market. It includes hats, hoods, long skinny scarves lined in cashmere and fingerless leather gloves (long and short, some in quilted green leather, others in pony hair), along with hats, scarves, stoles and wrist warmers done in real — fox and rabbit — and faux fur. Zoe wanted to appeal to both those who have a moral (and budget) issue with fur and those who want the real deal. As for her decision to broach these winter accessories ($95-$1,500), Zoe said, “I’m someone who looks at my brand holistically. I go to style my show and I’m like, ‘I want hats. I want gloves. I want all these things. Okay, wait, I’m a designer now, so let’s do it.’”

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