{trends} The Jewellery of 2012

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As we dive into a new year, there’s no better time than the present to give your life a spring clean. Aside from the inevitably unachievable New Year resolutions you may have conjured up, there’s another way to see the light at the end of January’s gloom and get a refreshing kick-start to 2012.

Updating your look to attain this Summer/Spring’s trends is a good start to a year of productivity and self-confidence. This year, fashion continues to push boundaries and provide us with innovative, inspiring concepts. Spring/Summer ’12 will see numerous trends filter from catwalk to high street – imagine an underwater fairytale merged with calming pastels, contrasted with a whirl of tribal patterns and an opalescent aftertaste of pearls.

According to fashion sources*, this season is all about the cut, with a sprinkle of romantic fairy-tale-sweet, sporty-lux, a renewed focus on the dress and enrapturing deep-sea aquatic tones. The colours that will permeate through to wardrobes this year will be fresh, sharp and zingy, with marigold and canary yellow taking centre stage, cushioned by pastel tones of mint green, sky blue and peachy pink.
For those who may have a will to spend less this year, clashing with a desire to stay on-trend – fear not. By investing in a few statement, on-trend pieces of jewellery to pair with staple, timeless items of clothing, no-one will have to know that your bank balance falls short of high-end fashion demands.

With this season’s trends, jewellery will have never before seen better days. The emphasis on tailoring will see modern pieces of jewellery adapted into geometric shapes, and the aquatic trend will inspire the surfacing of sapphire, emerald and jade stones, as well as starfish and sea-horse motifs.

The pretty, feminine trend will see many variations of metal-come-lace, and the embracing of dresses will see jewellery to match, including pearls. This season, necklaces will be the jewellery to look up to – literally. Designers have embraced bold collars, as well as burnished, distressed metals, perfect for casual glamour.

If this isn’t enough to satisfy your penchant for sparkle, designers have embraced one trend that never fails to sell out– tribal. Prepare for geometric patterns, zig zag and an abundance of beads to set any outfit alight. Also, bangle bracelets will be making a comeback.

This year will also see a revitalisation of 1920’s glamour, which will undoubtedly flow into jewellery. Even the trend for watches this year is predicted to turn towards vintage-fused-contemporary.
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