{live from the runway} Espaço Fashion: Our Pick from Rio Fashion Week Day 3

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Directed by style: Camila Bastos
Inspirations: “The River seen from the back to the beach, from the perspective of those who arrive by sea”, the urbanization of Rio de Janeiro, Art Deco, Portuguese stone sidewalks, landscape reliefs, Radio Guanabara.
Colors: Black, white, gray, blue, green, gold. The prints are a work upon the sidewalks of Rio and reliefs of landscapes at different times of day.
Silouethes: The dresses are straight, dry pants, the jackets, vests and tops elongated and fluid.
Materials: Silk, washed velvet, muslin and crepe silk, leather and metallic scaled, knitting, silk jacquard, lurex and velvet applications in parts.
Highlights: Divided into blocks chromatic (black and white, green and blue, golden, black and coral), the collection came from a different view of the river, less than postcard, less touristy. The Rio brand retains its pleasing aesthetic that both loyal consumers (one of the first rows to form today. Just before the parade to open the door, barely enough to walk there): tight pants, short dresses, too close to the body but with a certain fluidity and lightness. But what is striking is that the work of printing on silk, especially the gold, resulting in looks intriguing and even beautiful, as bright silk is even more light after being printed and turned into full dress.

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