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{fashion 101} True Life: I’m Obsessed with Shoes

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You’d think with the recession America’s going through any type of sales in luxurious products and impulse spending would go down, but no, not for shoes at least. In fact, sales in shoes have actually increased in the past few years. You might be wondering why this is? Well it’s simple, women just can’t get enough shoes. It’s been scientifically proven that trying on clothing or shoes and dressing up produces endorphin in the and makes you feel better about yourself and also happier. That feeling follows you right on up to the register and then automatically disappears after the purchase has been made.

The difference with shoes is that the feel of self confidence and happiness usually stays with the person after leaving the register because we categorize the spending as practical and something for every day use. Men and women alike can have shoe collections that are out of this world. i know in my closet i have about 40 pairs; and in the UK studies show that over 2.5 million women have 30 and over pairs of shoes. Some have been calling it the “Carrie Bradshaw Effect”, that the series Sex and the City gave women the acceptance that shoes were practical spending.

But this obsession of shoes started way before any television series. Bradshaw may have made this impulse spending socially acceptable, but shoes and making the foot look sexy has always been something in our history. We will always relate the heels to sexiness because they are specifically made to put us in a pose scientifically called lordosis, which lifts the butt and arches the back. As painful as the shoes may be, if it makes us feel good about ourselves we are willing to spend the big bucks. Clearly not even a recession can lower our self esteem can it ladies?

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