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{editorial} Iris Apfel: “Aging is not for sissies” and more life lessons

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At 90 years old, Iris Apfel is more pop than ever. Entrepreneur, interior designer and genuine fashion icon, the U.S. has found a place in the spotlight in the last decade thanks to its authenticity and its distinctive colorful style. Between 2005 and 2006, was theme of the exhibition “Rara Avis: Selection from the Iris Barrel Apfel Collection” held at the Metropolitan Museum, in 2007, had pieces of her wardrobe for the book “Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel, “in 2011, signed a partnership with MAC to launch a collection of makeup, and also announced, in 2013, a line of sunglasses in collaboration with the brand eyebobs.

The site Into the Gloss interviews Apfel and she talks about his style, his relationship with the world of beauty, their tips to grow old with dignity, and even your opinion about the hype that it has been found in last year. Worth reading the full article here, but below you can check out the highlights that reveal the grace and good humor of Iris Apfel:

On the process of aging: “Aging is not for sissies, I tell you. It is very funny. I have a dear friend whose mother died, but she was very funny. When I asked ‘Yuda, how are you feeling?’ She said, ‘Oh – when I wake in the morning, of all things that I have two units, one hurts’. You have to force yourself when you’re old, because it is very easy to fall into the trap. You start to crumble – and to do our best to stand firm. I think doing things and keeping active is very important. When your mind is busy, you do not feel much pain. Thank God I love to do things. I feel blessed to have all these opportunities at this stage of life. “

Care about their beauty: “I do not much related to beauty. Using very simple things on my skin. I have no time. Before I did facials, and went home loaded with goods, paid lots of money and was not wearing anything. One day a dermatologist told me to use Cetaphil to cleanse the face, and moisturize, and that’s what I do. I used – when I was younger – and makeup, and heavy eyes and lips very vibrant. Now that I’m older, not make up more of my eyes because when you are older, your eyelid crease. If you use blue or green, and is not an expert, just like a turtle. “

About aging with dignity: “Growing old gracefully is not to use heavy makeup (…) and not try to look younger (…) I think it was Chanel who said ‘Nothing makes a woman look as old as desperately trying to look young.’ I think you can be attractive at any age. I think trying to look young girl when you’re not makes you look ridiculous. I’m very against plastic surgery. I think that – God forbid – if you get involved in an accident, or is cursed with the nose of Pinocchio, have to go and fix it. But to go under the knife, I think it’s very painful, very expensive, and spending by hospitals as much as I passed, to undergo surgery when you do not need them is not a smart thing. (…) I think that most women wear of time and money on their heads, they would be better.

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