{beauty} Amazing Tutorials: Makeup Artist Tamang Phan

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It is very common to say that makeup can transform you, but self-taught makeup artist, Nepalese Tamang Phan, goes beyond the cliché and really shows what can be done when you have talent, a good technique, and tons of beauty products.

“If I had Super Powers I would transform into any person in the world (like Mystique ). With Make-up nothing is impossible . Watch me draw different celebs faces on to my canvas (face)”.  This is how she describes herself  on her Facebook page. Since 2009, Tamang Phan has been uploading tutorials on Youtube like” how to apply eyeliner “or” how to correct dark circles perfectly. “

Among her most popular videos are the “Me as Angelina Jolie” and “Me as Adriana Lima”, the first one with more than 11 million views. 

Watch below some of the videos:

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