{style} Edie Sedgwick: The Girl with the Black Tights

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Always keeping her mystery, Edie Sedgwick has been a topic of discussion and a fashion icon since Andy Warhol dubbed her his “muse”. Sedgwick’s grungy, 60s style has been reappearing slowly but surely. Although we all aren’t as risqué as Sedgwick, or have a huge inheritance to blow, here are some styling tips inspired by Edie herself!
  • Get a bob! Long locks are cute, but a bob is edgy, modern, and dangerous!
  • Wear some smoky dark eye makeup during the day time too! Sedgwick loved her makeup and she loved it even more when it was hot and heavy. So add a few layers of mascara and eyeliner, maybe even some extra dark eye shadows while you’re at it!
  • Buy some leotards. These aren’t just for dance classes anymore girls, buy a couple cotton leotards and pair them with a high waisted skirt or jeans, and a loose, oversized button up for a totally retro look.
  • Another thing Sedgwick wouldn’t be caught without are her black tights, wear them with everything. Skirts, shorts, sweaters..
  • The shorter the better. Show off that shape of yours with an extra mini dress or skirt paired with black tights of course. Throw on a baggy top or sweater for a total Sedgwick look.
  • Eye-catching earrings! Edie loved her earrings so don’t be self-conscious wear those huge, dangly earrings and wear them proud!
The idea behind the Sedgwick style is to always look like you’re not trying, to be sexy and racy when you’re going out, and to be comfy and edgy during the day. Sedgwick’s style has always mystified the public, yet we always find ourselves wanting to dress like this beautiful-bombshell. She continues to be the inspiration of all latest fashion trends.
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