Your Own Private Tour at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011

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 I arrived at 6:30pm at the Lexington Armory in Manhattan, were they escorted me through security, up multiple flights of dark stairs to enter the world of the world’s most beautiful women dressed in hot mini pink silk robes.

The space was surrounded by designers, stylists and producers; feathers, tutus, lace-up stilettos, flamenco skirts, jewelry, cameras and of course the famous angel’s wings!
Let me walk you through to the glitz of:

The wings are made by a costume designer “Killer” (real name Marian Jean Hose). Todd Thomas is the head designer for the show

The budget for the show is $12-million
There were 31 sets of wings and 69 looks for thirty-eight models, including Miranda Kerr  Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel

Wings detail, so gorgeous!
The opening show theme was Ballet
Another show theme:  I Put a Spell on You
The other collections were: Super Angels, Passion Play, Angels Aquatic and Club Pink
The jewelry was provided by London Jewelers

Every box had the picture of each model that will be wearing the pieces
The security around here was absurd!

 Some of the pieces cost over $20,000
Now was almost show time!!!
But first, a look at the stage…
 I loved the glittery catwalk, I still have it all over my choos (shoes) as they allowed me to walk it before the last retouch

A total of 1,092 guest were invited to the show this year (including me)

All the media was ready and trying to get the best spot
 Now to the best floor: makeup!! All the models were here getting ready and believe it or not eating and drinking (oh, and that champagne on the left side was mine :)

The beautiful Pink Robes with crystal wings

I was not supposed to take pictures on that side but I still took one for you with all
the models getting ready
 Now the show was about to start

The opening theme: Ballet
“I lost my super hero,” Kanye West said, when he opened the superhero theme, recalling his mother’s death that made him pull his appearance originally schedule for the 2007 show, “and now she’s my super angel.” Then he asked his friend Jay-Z to join him


The cutest moment was when Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine escorted his girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna down the runway and kissed her
 And there she was, Adriana Lima, who was on a liquid diet for one week before the show, what a bombshell!! She is by far the most beautiful models

The $2.2 million Fantasy Bra was stunning and Miranda Kerr wore it during
the Angels Aquatic theme

Nicki Minaj, performed during the Club Pink theme, in a bright orange bustier, cosmic-print skirt and leggings and a pink wig

and sadly, like all the good thing in life, it came to the end…
 They threw confetti and heart shaped balloons
 and they said goodbye until next year!!!
Hope you enjoyed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Tour as much as I did!
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