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{on the lookout} Omar Angel Perez: from Wood Working Artist to Shoe Designer

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Born in Houston, Omar Angel Perez knew at a young age that he had a unique talent. Not only is he a self-taught woodworker and builder, he also has an eye for creativity and art. Perez has thrived in tv animation and design, winning an Emmy Award in 2004. So what’s next for a talented man like him? Shoes of course!!!
To describe his line of shoes Perez states, “As an expression of appreciation, I offer my gratitude to all women who endure the torture of wearing such heels. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed”. In 2008, these sculptures that began as simply works of art, became functional couture shoes.

 His most recent Stilett”O” series has become quite the topic of discussion. From their mind-blowing artistry to their custom fit form, these works of art are perfect for any brave fashionista. Stilett”O”s are typically 15″-24″ tall and retail between $1650-$2400 US dollars. Each pair is custom made to *order. I would love to have them as a piece of art at my house but I’m sure that Lady Gaga will walk on them as we walk on ballet flats.

A pair of his shoe sculptures is now on display at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA. The exhibit is called, “The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories,” and will travel to multiple U.S. venues until 2013. If you are lucky to get the exhibition in your city, you shouldn’t miss it. 
*In January 2012, Stilett”O”s will be available through The Lane Style House, an online showroom.
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