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{currently obssesed} Pomellato Rings

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I can not stress enough how utterly OBSESSED I am with Pomellato’s cut cabochon rings.

Pomellato has made an art of setting coloured stones on earrings, rings, and necklaces with precious and semi-precious stones and m
y favorite collections are the classic Nudo and the new M’ama Non M’ama (love me, love me not) collection.
The Nudo is a minimalist set of rings that can be worn at any time like a pair of jeans. Casually and elegant, several Nudo rings can be put together so we can create our favourite combination and collect them over the years now.
The new collection M’ama Non M’ama, features nine sets of rings — there is a stone for every thought and a colour for every emotion — with a cabochon stone on a simple gold band. The idea is to personalize the rings by combining them based on your emotions.

For example, right now I’m feeling:

passion - for Pomellato
desire - to get my paws on my husband’s cc to buy one
jealousy - for those b**** that already own one
pleasure - thinking how jealous those b**** will be when I get the 9 rings
tenderness - just because I need this color too
love - for my hubby
hope - that my hubby gets me one
nostalgia - because the guy sitting next to me {AKA husband} just told me to forget about it
emotion - because I’m crying after he said that
You see??? I need them ALL.

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