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{favorite finds} Fashionable Shapewear I Love

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Shapewear Meets Fashion

Having my baby: is a blessing. Increasing my calories intake during the winter: is almost a necessity. Looking like a walking taco with all the stuff that we have to wear during the winter and having the muffin top over my pants: is not.

But finally, someone figured it out. Lissé leggings are designed with a hidden control panel, not to tight (I could never wore any shapewear because a back problem I have), not bulky and not weird like an undergarment. They never roll up pushing your fat to other locations, never fall down which means you never have to adjust them (while you balance your baby, your handbag, talk on the phone and walk your dog) and they hold you in at the right places. All this, while I feel that the compression essentially is training my body to get back to its “original” form.

They can be worn each day as a foundation, a layering piece, or on its own. They come in different styles, lengths and colors. I got* a velvet thight ankle pair they are dressy but still comfortable and I like the velvet boot cut to replace my old yoga pants that I use almost all day.

Let’s not forget those annoying tables with A,B,C,D on them, that I never understood and made me fill my drawers with tons of shapewear that I couldn’t fit on and of course, I couldn’t return as they are consider undergarments. Lissé leggings come in regular s/m/l sizes, period.

I haven’t felt so thinner, lighter, smoother and sexier since I was fifteen and had every piece of my body on the right place.


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