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A Piece of Art for the Fashion Obsessed

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The limited edition 10 pounds book, ­­­ it is a piece of art full of drop-dead gorgeous windows from Bergdorf Goodman.  A must have book for not only for fashion lovers but art collectors.
“We know we had succeeded when rounding the corner onto Fifth Avenue we find even one speed-obsessed New Yorker momentarily stilled by a window display, absorbed and oblivious,” says Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President of Women’s  Fashion and Store Presentation, in the book’s forward.
Writer Thomas Hine says: ‘Sometimes they seem to be fevered dreams hatched from some museum of unnatural history, though they often sneak in some real information. At other times they are more like single-frame cartoons that suggest a story or coax a smile.”
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BY Photographs by Ricky Zehavi & John Cordes
Foreword David Hoey, Introduction by Linda Fargo
Essay by Thomas Hine

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