Hermes: Hearts and Crafts Documentary

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Celebrating this year’s annual theme of “Contemporary artisan since 1837”, Hermès is delighted to present “Hearts and Crafts”,the documentary directed by Frédéric Laffont and Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat, opens the doors of the renowned Hermès fashion house and pays homage to the artisans of its numerous métiers—the individuals who are at the heart of the creation process.

From the four corners of France—Paris to the Ardennes, Lyonnais to Lorraine—the film glimpses inside the Hermès ateliers and lifts the veil on those who master the gestures and the savoir-faire of the saddler, the leather craftsperson, the crystal and glassmaker, the jeweler, and shines a light on the men and women who bring the Parisian house’s objects to gorgeous life.

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Via Sundance Channel
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